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Gymnastics Club

$100Purchase required to enroll

Is being able to do a pullup one of your goals? Maybe it's being able to RX a workout in the CrossFit Open with a few toes-to-bar or a chest-to-bar pullup? Or maybe you just want to improve overall body awareness, strength, and mobility. If so, then CrossFit Burke’s Gymnastics Club focuses on a variety of bodyweight movements for athletes with different levels of skill and strength! Sign up now and let the work begin!

Our athletes start by building foundation of general strength geared towards controlling the body. After a strong foundation is built our training narrows it's focus towards specific strength and skills. CrossFit Burke's Gymnastic's Club offers two levels of classes that accommodate all skill levels. No matter what program an athlete may participate in, all follow this same process relative to their groups' particular focus. All programs include mobility work targeted at generic restoration of the body.

The club will include two separate programs. FOUNDATION: STRENGTH will be for beginners that have few pullups and pushups or none at all. Athletes in this program focus on developing body awareness, balance, strength, and muscular endurance in the form of pullups/ chin ups, pushups, core work, and handstands. FOUNDATION; SKILL is for intermediate athletes that have roughly FIVE good strict pullups and TEN good chest-to-deck pushups that want to learn the fundamentals of the kip for the bar and handstand pushups. Athletes in this program focus on developing body awareness, balance, strength, power, and muscular endurance in the form of kipping pullups, C2B pullups, butterfly pullups, toes-to-bar, dips, handstands, handstand pushups, and core work.

The class times are:


FOUNDATION; SKILL - Wednesday 6:30pm

The cost of the entire course will be $100. All programs will start the week of Sept 18th and will run until Nov 17th (9 weeks).

Athletes will select the class that best focuses on their athletic needs/ skill levels. Class will be held once a week (60 minutes) and will be given approximately 2 hours of homework per week. Homework workouts may be completed however the athletes choose. Video demos, descriptions, and instructions will be provided for all exercises and workouts and coaches will be accessible when needed.

If you're ready to swing around like a monkey like a monkey and get upside down now is the time. Prepare now before this year's CrossFit Open sneaks up on you!

Cancellation policy No cancellations after the first class unless approved by CrossFit Burke.
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