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Swing into Summer with our NEW Toes-To-Bar and Pull Up Strength Class!

Origin Fitness's Gymnastic's Club is currently offering a T2B program that accommodate all skill levels and build pullup strenght/ skill as well!. Everyone will build a strong foundation of core movements and more advanced progressions will be layered in as proficiency improves. If participants are unable to perform any of the movements they'll be able to scale to a progression that meets them where they are. See below for more details:

T2B & Pull Up Strength Class - Saturdays, 10:00am: The goal of this course is to improve core strength and pull strength in order to be able to do more & better Toes-to-bar! This will involve a lot of core work, technical hanging on the bar, flexibility work, and pull up holds. Athletes that already have T2B will be able to refine technique in order to increase their capacity to do larger sets. Athletes that regularly work with Knee-to-90 variations of T2B will increase strength and coordination to start working with the next progression up. And if you're the athlete that can do T2B, but can't link them then this is the class for you!

The cost of the course is $75

The Class will start on Jun 9th and will run until July 14th. It will involve (1) 45-60 minute class + (2) simple homework assignments per week. The homework workouts will take ~30 minutes each and can easily be done before or after a CrossFit class or on their own. Participants will receive Open Gym specifically for their homework. The session will be 6 weeks long.

For athletes that are non-Origin Fitness members please reach out to Alex Gowers at Alex@origin.fit for details and pricing.

Start the Summer off right and don't neglect your skills! With proper dedication and focus you can build the foundation and strength to meet your goals!

Cancellation policy No cancellations after the first class unless approved by CrossFit Burke.
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